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Contact Lens Solution


Many patients have a difficult time wearing contact lenses for a variety of reasons. Eye shape, certain health conditions, and recent medical procedures can cause some patients to be considered “hard to fit” contact lens wearers.

For hard to fit patients that would like to wear contact lenses, there are options available that can provide a solution that is both comfortable and effective.


One solution for hard to fit patients is scleral lenses. A scleral lens is a larger lens that rests on the white of the eye, rather than the colored portion (or iris). This type of lens offers many advantages and can make contact lenses a viable option for patients who have previously been told otherwise.

The lens covers a larger area than a normal contact lens and creates a pocket filled with artificial tears that fits securely around the eye. Because of their size, scleral lenses provide sharper vision, greater durability, easier handling and a lower risk for complications.

Dr. Dustin Honeyman specializes in fitting specialty contact lenses and can help determine if this customized solution is right for you!

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