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Today, there is a plethora of contact lenses on the market and all have their advantages and disadvantages.  At Highpoint Family Vision our doctors will review your ocular surface, comfort demands, visual needs, and lifestyle to recommend the best contact lenses based upon your requirements.  


Our doctors are proficient in prescribing more complicated contact lens, including; toric contact lenses for astigmatism, multi-focals (bi-focal contact lenses),  Rigid Gas Permeable (RGPs), Bitoric Gas Permables, Multifocal Gas Permables, and scleral contact lenses.  They are also proficient in fitting contact lenses on patients with more complicated ocular histories including dry eye syndrome, post-LASIK or cataract surgery, and other corneal diseases like keratoconus.


Contact lenses are considered a medical device and as such are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In compliance with FDA medical device regulations, our vision specialists instruct each of our patients on the proper care and handling of their preferred contact lens brand.


As our patient, you will also receive detailed information about:

  • Approved contact lens wearing schedule

  • Acceptable replacement intervals for contacts

  • Necessary contact lens cleaning solutions

  • Appropriate cleaning regimen for contact lenses


  • No maintenance. No cleaning. No rubbing.

  • Great for patients with allergies.  Pollen, dander, dust, and debris get stuck to contact lenses over their lifetime.  With daily replacement contacts, all those contaminants are discarded nightly. 

  • Better comfort.  Patients that have contact lens discomfort, or dry eye, find daily replacement contacts much more comfortable.  It is the feeling of a new, fresh contact lens every day.

  • No need to buy contact lens solutions ($100-150 / year savings)

  • Better compliance, especially with children.  Which decreases the chance of infection.

  • Days you wear your glasses are days you do not buy your contact lenses.  For patients who were their glasses 2-3 days per week, daily replacement lenses will be cheaper than monthly replacement contact lenses!

  • Great for first-time contact lens wearers.  Learning to instill and remove a contact lens from the eye can be tricky.  If you rip, tear, or misplace a daily replacement contact lens, it is not a big deal, unlike a monthly replacement.

  • 720 contact lenses in an annual supply vs 24 with a monthly replacement

  • Now available with astigmatism and multi-focal correction

If you have a valid contact lens Rx from our office you can now order contact lenses directly from our website!  Lenses ship straight to your house.

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