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Visiting an eye doctor for an annual eye exam is incredibly important to maintaining the health of your eyes as you age. You should make an appointment with your optometrist on a yearly basis in order to correct any vision issues, update prescriptions for eyeglasses and contact lenses, prevent vision loss, and identify any early warning signs of disease. Eye exams can also reveal previously undiagnosed health issues like high blood pressure and diabetes.


Highpoint Family Vision eye exams are a series of diagnostic tests performed to evaluate your vision health, based on these key areas:


  • Visual Acuity

  • Refraction (Eyeglass Prescriptions, Contact Lens Prescriptions)

  • Eye Alignment

  • Depth Perception

  • Peripheral Vision

  • Color Vision

  • Eye pressure and Glaucoma Risk Assessment

  • Dry Eye Assessment

  • Retinal Photography for Ocular and Systemic Disease Assessment including Macular Degeneration

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