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Introducing Neurolens®

Do you suffer from:

  • Headaches?

  • Eye Strain?

  • Dizziness?

  • Dry Eyes?

  • Neck Pain?


The culprit may be eye misalignment! With screen time and computer work being a necessary part of daily life, we are proud to present the Neurolens®, the latest in glasses technology that addresses these debilitating symptoms.

​Let our team help identify and relieve your pain. Take our short questionnaire to see if a slight eye misalignment could be causing these painful or annoying symptoms!


Relief is on the way!

Highpoint Family Vision is excited to now offer Neurolens® – a revolutionary new lens design that corrects eye misalignment & has helped thousands of patients alleviate these symptoms.

Got Symptoms? You're Not Alone!

Studies have shown that for 57% of the population, eye misalignment could be the cause of chronic headaches, neck pain, eye strain, eye fatigue, dry eye sensation, and motion sickness. Interested in learning more?


Schedule your appointment today!

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